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PRONOUNCED /ee-wah-la-nee/


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Hello everyone, I'm a performing musician, artist, music producer & educator. I have been an early childhood music educator for over 15 years. I often play guitar and sing vocals with a live band for performances. I am a music producer and love making beats and have a love for songwriting. I enjoy writing and performing music for families with early learners.
My mission is to inspire confidence in children and adults through creative expression. I have a love for performance art and have graced the stages of  many venues, events and festivals in Northern and Southern California.
My goal is to always inspire positivity, confidence and courage through music, creative projects and impactful content.


Some Interesting facts about Iwalani:

• Over 20 years of experience in recreational, enrichment & after-school programs for children (Pre-K & K-5)

• Studied Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on music at Foothill College 

•Over 15 years of classroom teaching experience in Early Childhood Education.

•Orff Training (method for teaching music theory for early learners)

• Over 10 years of Martial Arts Training with an emphasis on youth instruction

•Current certification in adult/child CPR & First-Aid.

•Seasoned performing artist, music producer,  guitarist, drummer, singer, rapper and songwriter. 
•Created a music centered forest camp program for young children.

•Early childhood music teacher who provides a rich live music experience for young learners.

•Coach and mentor children to become immersed in a rich music education program

•Helps children develop a love for musical expression and nature appreciation.


Music and movement are so beneficial for young children! 

Mindful music classes are classes that incorporate music and mindfulness practices for young children and their caregivers. These classes aim to create a nurturing and supportive environment where young children can explore and experience different sounds and rhythms while developing their cognitive, emotional, and social skills.


During these classes, caregivers and their child participate in activities such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and practicing mindfulness exercises such as breathing and body awareness. These activities can help kids develop their sensory and motor skills, as well as their language and communication abilities.


The classes also aim to promote bonding and connection between caregivers and their children, as they engage in shared musical experiences and mindfulness practices together. This can help to strengthen the parent-child relationship and support the child’s emotional development.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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