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My 5 year old daughter adores Iwalani and the other camp teachers. She loved learning new songs at camp and would come home singing the songs each day. I always felt that my daughter was going to have fun and be well cared for at camp.

Thalia Pascalides


Iwalani was my daughter's music and movement teacher for almost two years. She is a great singer and guitar and drummer. She is very active and her classes were fun and educational. She was very creative integrating music and movement! Her movement games are so creative and fun! She is also kind, very patient with the kids, energetic, enthusiastic, and just fun to be around. She knows how to motivate kids and share her passion for music and dance with them.
Nilgun Atamturk
Preschool Parent


Iwalani was my son's music & movement teacher for 2 years and was also the entertainer for his birthday party. She is well-loved by kids and parents alike for her playfulness, warmth, and energy, not to mention her creative use of dance, instruments, costumes, props and games Her repertoire includes both "traditional" American folk childhood songs as well as a wide variety of world music and silly games that will delight all ages! Highly recommended!
Sarah Hendlish



(Our son) loves Iwalani. He made up a song once, way back when he was still very young. The song was called "Iwalani is a music teacher." It was in response to a strange interaction with a man singing in the street. It was really beautiful, and I've felt profoundly grateful to her ever since. Thank you for being such a wonderful presence in his life.
Parent (anon)



Our daughter had such an amazing time at Iwalani's summer camp! We could tell how much it built her confidence over the course of her time with her. She loved all of the activities that the teachers came up with everyday. I would highly recommend Iwalani's program to any family that has creative children. They will be well cared for and have a very engaging time. 

Parent (anon)



My son came home one day and said "Iwalani is not just a music teacher. She teaches us so many things. She teaches yoga, dancing, drums, obstacle courses and silly games. She is a lot of different kinds of teachers in one! I love her." Thank you for the impact you make in our child's life.



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